Wakanda Wonderland Gala



 Red Carpet | 3 Course Dinner | African Dancers | Live Band | Dancing | And more…


Black Tie Formal, African Gowns/Garments/ Afro-Centric or Black Panther Costumes

Heroes Amongst Us

This celebratory gala will showcase a culture from tears to triumph; in exploring achievements of black technology, black entrepreneurs, black activism, black love and black communities, all while displaying red carpet African Fashion to embody the spirit of Wakanda. This spectacular event will be an opportunity to give back in supporting our next generation of heroes.  This year, proceeds will support Usher’s New Look Foundation that helps youth future-proof their lives from negative statistics to become leaders who change their world. 

Coming… December 2020

This Year’s Honorees:

  • Usher & The New Look Foundation
  • TK & Ryan CEOs of The Gathering Spot
  • Dr. Key Hallmon CEO of Village Market ATL
  • Tessy Ojo CEO of Princess Diana Awards of London
  • Terence & Cecilia Founders of Love Beyond Walls
  • Winston D. Johnson CEO Winsonic Digital Media Group
  • And many more…

The Epitome

Wakanda Wonderland is taking the concept of the movie Black Panther and its majestic mythology, to raise awareness of the actual truths of the intellectual reality of our black culture. Wakanda Wonderland will celebrate black excellence displayed throughout our community to show young children and the world that we have Superhero’s living amongst us.

 “They tried to bury us but didn’t know we were seeds”                                                             

 -Dinos Christianopoulos

History of Wakanda Wonderland

Wakanda Wonderland was started in 2018 with an idea to bring people together to celebrate the year end. To celebrate despite the obstacles and transitions that had occurred throughout the year that “we made it“. The vision was presented to the executives of GE who sponsored the inaugural event.  The first year event’s proceeds benefited the Lloyd Trotter Scholarship Fund and each year a new foundation will be chosen by the largest sponsor.

The theme was “Faith vs. Fear” that was demonstrated through a reenactment of the Black Panther’s Killmonger and the struggle of identity because of the interference of fear. We are not what we have been through but what we’ve been through has prepared us for where we’re going!

We had almost 200 in attendance and everyone could not stop talking about the message they received from the parody. Because of the success, it was expressed to make this an annual event. So here we are, ready to give you another event that you will never forget!