The mission of Wakanda Wonderland is to expose, encourage, and empower. We seek to expose our communities to Black Excellence. We seek to encourage those that are trailblazing new paths in their industries by honoring and celebrating their accomplishments. We seek to empower the next generation to dream and reach for heights they have never imagined.

“One cannot think higher

than the level they have been exposed to.”


Wakanda Wonderland celebrates the beauty of our shades, creativity, and uniqueness in being African American, there is a greater purpose to this event.


Wakanda Wonderland is actually a fundraiser for the start of a charter school. The Charter School will serve as a center of excellence that affords children in our community to learn in a unique way while being exposed to a STEM curriculum and the Arts. Students will learn to build a foundation of love, honor and respect for themselves and others.

A Bridge

Wakanda Wonderland serves as a bridge that allows children to discover tomorrow’s possibilities despite today’s challenges and adversities.

Let the power of our Black Love be the energy that fuels entire generations to take flight to the destination of their full potential!